Our Brand

Intelligence needs a place to grow

Intelligence doesn’t grow in a box. But it does in safe places. At DataCave, we provide the intelligence that gives companies the freedom to grow. We work to pinpoint so our clients are free to create the future; We help identifying unseen risks—and stop accidents before they happen.
We have simplified our structure so that we could work more closely with clients, provide greater transparency, and deliver value faster and more efficiently. We are learners, recognize the constant need for change.

What we do

Since our inception, our mission has been helping businesses unlock the value in their data. We have started by solving complex business problems with high-volume data engineering, analysis and predictive modeling. Now we’re putting those capabilities in the hands of our customers.
With DataCave solutions, our clients can explore varied data sources, build models and algorithms, and seamlessly deploy work throughout their entire organization data.

Corporate Profile

Founded in 2017, DataCave is a machine learning provider focused on the comprehensive fraud and anomaly detection and prevention. Our products range from fraud intelligence, anomaly detection, customer behavior analysis up to predictive analysis. Our services are subject to financial services, insurance, bank, telecom, medical providers, retailers and any other data providers


We offer highly competitive compensation and excellent benefits. We are expanding and on the hunt for anyone with a passion for - technology, machine learning and statistics - to join our team; send us your updated resume