Today daily rate of 2.5 Exabyte is produced all over the world. The value of data has jumped from keeping the organization records to industry core elements by increasing sales and reducing expenses. Within this new challenging data environment; traditional companies are responsible for the keeping the success of their product, services and deliverables in this data era. In order to achieve this goal, companies need to place the new role of data; by adopting, using and integrating the modern methods of data sciences in classification, clustering and machine learning. At DataCave, we work together with our clients to provide an intelligent solution that can turn the data from being a liability to asset, and switching the cash from being spent on the data to getting cash out from it.


We are helping our clients “get a smarter data” by building the processes that enable the collection of information that reveal patterns and behaviors from data. Collecting the data embedded within any process (whether driven by internet, software, or people) is the core sense of what’s happening within the patterns and interrelationships among processes inside and/or outside the organization.
At DataCave we collect, understand, visualize, utilizing and analyze the data to define behavioral patterns to processes . And apply potential models and algorithms to predict future behavior and discover pattern anomalies using Artificial Intelligence and its feedback mechanisms (Machine Learning).

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